Hello Mt. Cleverest Friends,

Mt. Cleverest's journey is coming to an end. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and our mission of democratizing educational content.

When Mt. Cleverest started, the mission was simple: build a tool to take online content and turn it into assessments. We saw how difficult the online transition had become for teachers. We worried about equitable digital access for K-12 education. We wanted to give students a way to learn at their own pace, and enable teachers to benefit from a large community of peers. We saw the future of online education and knew that the current system would never easily shift online.

COVID proved us right.

But regretably, having foresight is not enough. As a team of two part-timers, we could not keep up with the latest in A.I. research or weather the education and nonprofit budget constraints during COVID. We had a solution tailored to COVID, but not enough capital to seize the opportunity.

Nevertheless, the dream lives on. Assessments will be A.I.-generated. At-home internet and device access will approach 1:1. Algorithms will eventually separate click-bait content from educational value.

And we wish all the best to those next EdTech A.I. adventurers who pick up the mantle.

~ James and Bernie