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You Pick Your Favorite Content

Mt. Cleverest was built to be source-agnostic.  You can bring your own favorite videos, lesson plans, and websites and we'll incorporate them instantly.  You can also search through our archives by topic or website for the best content that other teachers and curriculum developers have submitted.

Just drop in a URL to the content you want to include, and we do the rest!

Our Robots Create Questions

Once you've selected a favorite piece of content and given us the URL, our artificial intelligence (named Andi) takes over.  Andi looks at the content you provided or selected, finds similar questions and answers that have performed well for teachers like you and classrooms like yours, and then shows you a list of up to 100.  Andi then ranks and orders all the question and answers based on real world performance!

You Assign Your Quiz

With 100 questions created in a matter of seconds, assigning quizzes is easy! Just select the questions you like. This helps train Andi for future teachers and students. Once you've got your questions, you can print an exit ticket, a paper quiz, or assign the quiz to be taken online!

Every quiz comes with three magic words. These age-appropriate words are easier to remember and write down. No more random numbers! Students just drop in the magic words and are taken directly to the quiz. They can take variations of that quiz as many times as necessary until they pass.

We Grade and Analyze For You

Andi, our textbook making robot, randomizes questions, formats, answers, and order so that you don't have to. We provide statistically sound grades for each student and tell you which questions were good, which topics to remediate, and which students need the least or most help.

We do the annoying so you can focus on making your classroom engaging, inspiring, and fun for students. Get back to teaching with Mt. Cleverest.

James Villarrubia

CEO, Co-Founder

Bernie Prat

COO, Co-Founder

Our Story

"Mt. Cleverest was created because we love and respect teachers. Since becoming friends in kindergarten, we've shared teachers that inspired and motivated us to go out and change the world for the better. We wanted to bring that kind of passion education into every classroom and inspire every student. Mt. Cleverest enables the best teachers in the world to help every student in the world.

"We know the power of great education; and we think everyone deserves access to it, regardless of income or location."



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